Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness – Cecilia and the Satellite

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On Sunday I had the privilege of seeing Andrew McMahon at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins. I’ve been listing to his music now for over a decade and have seen him perform in many band iterations in a few different states.

I am also pretty sure the first show I ever crowd surfed at was a Something Corporate show in college. Those were the days. Now I cringe at the thought of crowd surfing.

During his set he played songs from Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin, Andrew McMahon and even played a few new songs with his new band Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness. One of the new songs he played was one he wrote for his daughter, Cecilia, and it was incredible. I absolutely loved it. He released it today on SoundCloud, I highly recommend listening.

Cecilia and the Satellite – Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness

Here’s video of him performing it live at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins:

And if you want to listen to all of his the songs that I recorded on my Lumia Icon phone, here’s a link to the full playlist (or let the video above play out – there are 8 songs total).

What do you think of Andrew McMahon’s newest song?

I personally love it and can’t wait for the whole Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness album to come out – hopefully sooner rather than later!

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