Bohemian Nights at New West Fest 2011

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Tomorrow is the start of the 2011 Bohemian Nights music festival at New West Fest in Fort Collins. Since I grew up in Fort Collins, I have been dragged to my fair share of New West Fests, but I must say, they are getting increasingly better with each year.

The main focus of New West Fest used to be arts and crafts, and while many vendors still have booths and sell their art, the focus has changed and is now more music related. A few years ago the Bohemian Foundation came in and funded the music for the whole weekend and has been growing the festival ever since.

I am really excited for this year because I won passes to hang out in the green room on Saturday from Bohemian Night so I get to hang out with some of my favorite artists! This year I am looking forward to seeing the following bands:
Friday night:
G. Love

Sour Boy and Bitter Girl
Nautical Mile
Snake Rattle Rattle Snake
Air Dubai
Chain Gang of 1974
The Epilogues

The Rewards
Wire Faces
Bop Skizzum
Fierce Bad Rabbit

This year Bohemian Nights followed FoCoMX and used to organize their lineup and you can log in with Facebook to customize your own schedule and share with friends. My full schedule can be found here.

Here are some of my favorite videos from years past:
Tickle Me Pink – Madeline:
This was just over a year after their bassist Johnny passed away. The wind and the dramatic ending still give me goosebumps to this day.

Meese – Next in Line:

Last year Meese played their last ever show at Bohemian Nights and here is the last song they ever played:

Flobots – Stand Up:

Since Tickle Me Pink played last year, I was lucky enough to snag a spot backstage for Flobots (which was lucky for me as the sound wasn’t that great and there was a HUGE crowd watching them).


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