Foo Fighters Tuesday

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Since the release of the Foo Fighters documentary Back and Forth is today (although limited) I figured I would finally post all of my pictures and video from their secret show in Austin during SXSW last month.

My brother, Stefan, and I were lucky enough to get to see the early preview of the documentary. It was the same day as my iPhone debacle. While I was running around town, Stefan waited patiently in line for the Foo Fighters documentary. As I was running back to the hotel to shower, he called and said I had to get down to the theatre ASAP because they were giving out wristbands that gave you entrance into the ‘secret’ show after the movie. Foo Fighters took precedence over my hygiene (I didn’t look that bad, I swear), so I flagged down a pedi-cab and made my way to the theatre.

Luckily I made it in time to score one of these awesome wristbands:

The documentary was incredible. You felt like you really got to know the band on another level as they recounted their history. While the movie was longer than expected, I still craved more. Thank god there was a free concert afterwards at Stubb’s.

This whole day continued to work out serendipitously, as Stefan and I were able to get into Stubb’s early, get free tacos (which were the worst tacos ever, but we were starving) and a free beer AND front row seats for the show.

Foo Fighters came out and played the whole album, from front to back, after proclaiming:

We are fucking movie stars down here!!

I would have been satisfied with just the new album, but the Foo Fighters continued to play their biggest hits for the next hour. This was not even supposed to be their concert! They hijacked the SXSW Interactive closing party and played for 2 hours.

I was so excited when they played my favorite song Stacked Actors:

Words cannot accurately describe how amazing of a day this was for Stefan and me. Even after all of these years, the band looks like they genuinely like each other, but not only that, they love rocking out with each other night after night.

Foo Fighters at SXSW

Foo Fighters at SXSW

You could just see the chemistry and friendship between Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins throughout the show (although it doesn’t quite translate in that photo above). I also had to include that image of Dave Grohl, because who doesn’t want to look at him and his tattoos?

Those are just a few photos I took during the show, you can see all of my Foo Fighters photos over at Flickr.

While Foo Fighters’ new album Wasting Light isn’t out just yet, you can preview the whole thing here:


Wasting Light by Foo Fighters

I recommend listening on repeat. Enjoy Foo Fighters Tuesday!


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