Current Musical Obsession – AWOLNATION

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While at SXSW I got an email from my mom saying that this was her new favorite band and they were playing at Stubb’s that night and my brother and I should try to go. I ended up going to the show alone, but AWOLNATION was awesome!

I am so glad I checked them out. Their live show consists of actual instruments as opposed to the overly produced electronic version heard here (which is still really good). I had listened to them briefly before going to SXSW because I loved their song “Sail” but after seeing them live, this is my favorite song, “MF”.

WARNING: Lyrics are NSFW

  • Stepan
    March 23, 2011

    Good stuff, reminds me a little bit of Datarock, although its hard to compare them to anyone, great sound.

  • Jeremy Tanner
    March 24, 2011

    The best part of this story? Getting usable music recommendations from your mom. That’s awesome.


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