Flobots.org Bowling Ball 3 – Saturday, October 8th

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Last year Tickle Me Pink was one of the featured bands that bowled in the Flobots.org annual fundraising event, so of course I had to go! I went on the condition that I photographed the event for the band (and come on, who better to document an event than me?!).

This year is shaping up to be just as fun! I mean, Tickle Me Pink won’t be there, but have you seen the list of local celebs that will be there?

During the final celebrity round last year, they decided to mix it up a little and have some fun. Instead of just straight bowling, every round had a different theme. They made the celebs do anything from bowling in a Snuggie (which is harder than you may think), to bowling with an oven mit, to using a lacrosse stick, to wearing a mask (TMP had Barack Obama). The result was the most fun round of bowling and I wasn’t even participating! Normally I only find bowling fun when I am the one attempting to hit the pins, and am usually drinking a little beer, but Flobots.org made it a blast to watch every team as they performed for us.

These are some of my favorites memories from last year.

The celebs: Rise Against, Epilogues, Tickle Me Pink and more:
Flobots Bowling Ball feat Tickle Me Pink

Plus, you have to admit that I look pretty hot as Obama (or he looks hot with blonde hair):
Flobots Bowling Ball feat Tickle Me Pink

Mustached team Tickle Me Pink:
Flobots Bowling Ball feat Tickle Me Pink

Trying to bowl with a lacrosse stick:
Flobots Bowling Ball feat Tickle Me Pink

So how do you show off your skills and bowl with the best? It’s easy! Just find some teammates, go to Flobots.org and signup! Yes, it does cost a little bit of money, but it is for a good cause.

Flobots.org is a great non-profit that gives back to the community in many ways. Through their Art to Action program they use music, spoken word, songwriting, instrumentation to educate kids and inspire youth. Fight with Tools helps train young adults to bring sustainable change to their communities. This is only the tip of the iceberg to many ways that Flobots.org is giving back to the community, so please support.

Can’t find a team but still want to attend? Easy! Buy a ticket and come hang out, play xbox games, meet the bands, listen to music, and enjoy drinks and food. Trust me, this event is a blast, even if you are not bowling.

Seriously, I cannot stress this enough, is a great event that I highly recommend you (yes, YOU) attend. Not only do you get to schmooze these great Denver bands, like The Epilogues, Bop Skizzum, DeVotchKa, Churchill, The Knew and of course The Flobots, BUT you get to hang with radio celebs from 93.3 KTCL, members of the Colorado Rapids and the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls and more! You never know who else will be in attendance, those are just the teams who are bowling!

What are you waiting for?? Go buy your tickets now!

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