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Starting this review out with full disclosure: Yes, this is my brother’s newest gig. That is where the bias ends. I love these songs and would whether or not we were related.

As of this morning, you can hear Inca, the new collaboration between Stefan Runstrom and Joey Barba, featuring vocals by Randy Ramirez. These two songs were recorded at Colorado Sound before Stefan moved out to Chicago (no, I am not bitter…at all).

One of my favorite parts of the song Eye of the Storm is about 3 minutes in. This is when you can feel the music start to swirl around you as it becomes more and more chaotic. Your ears don’t know what part to focus on, the screaming guitar riffs, the repetitive singing or the erratic drumming. Then after about 20 seconds your mind slowly starts to follow the rhythmic drum beat until you reach the eye of the storm (or so goes the story in my head).

The second song Don’t Look Away starts off and sounds like the next Foo Fighters hit. By the end of the song you are bound to be singing along.

Be sure to watch this video of Stefan tracking drums for Don’t Look Away.

Also can you believe Stefan played bass on Eye of the Storm?

Go get this 2 song EP NOW at iTunes.

  • Uncle David
    September 11, 2011

    Wait — he played BASS too?

  • Monika
    September 11, 2011

    Yup! My dad has video proof. I was impressed!

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