Latest Music Obsession: Paper Wolves

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This latest band comes to you all the way from Australia! (Look at me branching out beyond my Denver roots :p)


Ok, so while this band is from Australia, I have to fess up, I was introduced to them through a local band.

Three years ago, Paper Wolves member, Mike Horbacz was in the band The Mile After and they toured with my brother’s band, Tickle Me Pink. For my birthday that year, my parents gave me a trip out to California to see TMP play in Pomona and at the House Of Blues in LA. I fell in LOVE with The Mile After in Cali and got to hang out with them when they came through Denver later on the tour.

I was really bummed when I found out that The Mile After was no more, but then I discovered that Mike had a new band. I immediately listened to all the songs on their Facebook page.

Here is a their song Get You Alone (I love the chorus):


They have 3 other songs on their Facebook page… so go listen!  

I am hoping they make their way to the states sometime soon!

I added this picture from Paper Wolves Facebook page just because I wanted to.

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