Recap of Higher Ground Music Festival 2014 – #GetToHigherGround

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The Higher Ground Music Festival was so much fun this weekend! The layout in RiNo was perfect for the 6 stages that were set up, the baby pools were great to cool your feet off in, the VIP areas were a great place to hide from the sun (although my sunburn clearly shows I didn't use these enough), the food and drink options were varied and delicious and the weather held out and only sprinkled a little bit over the course of the day. There were so many great bands that I've been meaning to see and just hadn't made my way to a show yet, like ...

New Music Tuesday – The Griswolds – Be Impressive

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The Griswolds were definitely one of the best bands I saw at UMS this year that I had never heard of before. They are from Australia, have catchy, indie songs and put on one helluva show. And, in case you were wondering, they are named for Chevy Chase's family from the Vacation movies. While I could spend more time telling you why you should listen, I'm just going to let the music stand for itself. Listen here: The Griswolds - Be Impressive So, what do you think? Who wants to see them with me next time the come to town?

Higher Ground Music Festival 2014 in Denver – #GetToHigherGround

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Did you miss Bohemian Nights at New West Fest last weekend? You missed out, HOWEVER there are quite a few bands that played last weekend that are also playing at Higher Ground Music Festival, this Saturday, August 23rd. I'd recommend you not miss this festival as well! General Admission tickets are $20 for 40 bands! Seriously, just $2 a band - right downtown in RiNo! Benefit SpokesBUZZ Another perk? All proceeds benefit SpokesBUZZ who also have an amazing stage (including Baywood)! Don't Miss These Bands Barcelona Baywood Finish Ticket Post Paradise Wiredogs The Wild After Izcalli Sarah & The Meanies Gasoline Lollipops Instant Empire Rob Drabkin Edison Shatterproof Qbala I thought that list ...

Review of the 10th Annual Bohemian Nights at New West Fest – #FoCoMusic

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This past weekend was New West Fest which was started to celebrate the birthday of Fort Collins. This year Fort Collins turned 150! Lookin' good for 150 FoCo! It was also the 10th annual Bohemian Nights at New West Fest, and boy was it fun! Upgrades I love the upgrades that Bohemian Nights made including using the Mountain stage for the main stage on Friday and including a secondary stage at the Library for even more rock to start the weekend off right. In addition, the stage backgrounds were amazing. Think Starry Night over Horsetooth. And when the lights came out, it made it even more magical. Friday Unfortunately I ...

I Can’t Give Up Shampoo – My Hair Is Too Greasy!

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The most common reaction I get when I tell people that I don't use shampoo is "Your hair looks great! Can I touch it?". The second most common is "I could *never* do that, my hair is too greasy. I have to wash it every day!" When I was in college in the sorority (yup, I was a sorority girl. Ask me nicely and I'll tell you which house), I was the same way! I showered and washed my hair EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It got too greasy to not wash daily, and this was before I discovered dry shampoo. It wasn't until after college that I discovered ...

Bohemian Nights at New West Fest 2014 – #FoCoMusic

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I'm excited for yet another year of Bohemian Nights at New West Fest - and it's only a day away! This three day event starts on Friday, August 15th and rocks straight on through August 17th. Bohemian Nights is always a favorite Fort Collins festival of mine as they always have a few stages of local bands, in addition to some national headliners, and the lineup this year is just as awesome. Included in the lineup are my faves (obvi) Wiredogs! I'm excited to see my brother, Stefan, and his wife Madeline. This festival is just like a family reunion, but with good music! Monika's List of ...

Navigator – A Fun, Geeky, Addictive Video Game Set to Chemistry Club’s Music

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What's better than shooting a high quality music video for local bands? How about taking it to the next level and designing a mobile video game, set to your songs? That's what local band Chemistry Club is about to do! Their upcoming show with Post Paradise will aptly be held at the 1upColfax, and will be where they are releasing the video game, Navigator. After meeting Chemistry Club at Big Gig, I knew I had to learn more about them and what inspired them to create and release a video game. Yesterday I had lunch with Jeff Wiencrot and we had a long discussion about everything from ...

Natural Sunburn Remedy – Tea Tree Oil and Coconut Oil

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This Summer is already going by so quickly, and I haven't spent nearly enough time enjoying the outdoors, but I have already had a pretty bad sunburn. The last day at Firefly Music Festival I got a nice little tank top sunburn (aka shoulders, arms and neck) despite repeated applications of sunscreen. It looked like it was going to blister and peel pretty bad. Of course we had a wedding coming up in just about a week - I didn't want to have peeling skin for it! (There was a random woman in the back of this photo talking on her phone, so I blurred her out ...

Where to Park at UMS (Dude, Where’s My Car?)

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Ever walk out to where you left your car, freak out that it isn't there, only to realize you parked on a different street? Yeah, that didn't happen to me this morning. Being the responsible adults that we are, Aimee and I took a cab back to her house after the first night of the Underground Music Showcase (UMS) last night. On our way, we stopped at my car so I could grab my laptop and bag of clothes. There was a small discussion about if my car was good to leave there, and we all agreed it was. This morning, Aimee and Bryan and I go to ...

Lists, Lists and More Lists. Lists of the 2014 UMS Bands and Venues!

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I love lists. Whether it is daily to-do lists in my many notebooks, list of places to go, or upcoming concerts, I love making lists.

I also love making lists on Twitter. They are underused and so incredibly helpful for keeping track of people and events! For the Underground Music Showcase (starting TONIGHT!) I made a list of the bands playing each night AND all of the venues hosting these 400 bands.