Where to Park at UMS (Dude, Where’s My Car?)

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Ever walk out to where you left your car, freak out that it isn't there, only to realize you parked on a different street? Yeah, that didn't happen to me this morning. Being the responsible adults that we are, Aimee and I took a cab back to her house after the first night of the Underground Music Showcase (UMS) last night. On our way, we stopped at my car so I could grab my laptop and bag of clothes. There was a small discussion about if my car was good to leave there, and we all agreed it was. This morning, Aimee and Bryan and I go to ...

Lists, Lists and More Lists. Lists of the 2014 UMS Bands and Venues!

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I love lists. Whether it is daily to-do lists in my many notebooks, list of places to go, or upcoming concerts, I love making lists.

I also love making lists on Twitter. They are underused and so incredibly helpful for keeping track of people and events! For the Underground Music Showcase (starting TONIGHT!) I made a list of the bands playing each night AND all of the venues hosting these 400 bands.

Kill the Artist Hype the Trash – Wiredogs EP

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Obviously I'm a little biased here as my bro is the drummer, but I absolutely love this Kickstarter video Wiredogs did for their upcoming campaign. Watch it now: Iggy Pop Did you watch the video? No? Well, there is a great story about Stefan working at Riot Fest last year and driving around Iggy Pop. While Stefan has MANY stories about Iggy Pop (buy him a drink sometime, I'm sure he will gladly tell you about his time spent driving Iggy around), I really like this one as it is the inspiration for the title of their new EP. I'd repeat the story here, but you really ...

The Underground Music Showcase (UMS) 2014 with SpokesBUZZ and FanPlan!

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The Underground Music Showcase (also known as UMS or #UMS2014 on Twitter and Instagram) is almost upon us! I really love festival season here in Colorado that is kicked off by FoCoMX in April and continues with Denver Day of Rock, Westword Music Showcase, Big Gig, UMS, Riot Fest and I'm sure some others that I'm forgetting. UMS is no exception! Starting on Thursday, July 24th, UMS kicks off at 8pm and continues through Sunday, July 27th at midnight. There are over 400 local and national bands playing over 4 days down on Broadway in Denver at more than 20 venues. That's right 400 bands! Single day passes ...

KTCL Channel 933′s #BigGig14 Social Stats

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Yesterday was awesome! As I said before, I love Big Gig and have been going since before it was called Big Gig (used to be Big Adventure). While I didn't tweet much during the event, it was because I was having too much fun running between the local stage and main stage and watching the bands! Bands In case you missed the lineup for #BigGig14: Panic! At The Disco Walk The Moon Twenty One Pilots MSMR American Authors Brick+Mortar Bad Suns Magic Man Locals Stage Rumours Follow Post Paradise Chemistry Club Pandas & People Glowing House Videos Sitting in the lawn wasn't the best for video and since Aimee was in the pit taking pictures, I figured that would be better than my ...

Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness – Cecilia and the Satellite

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On Sunday I had the privilege of seeing Andrew McMahon at the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins. I've been listing to his music now for over a decade and have seen him perform in many band iterations in a few different states. I am also pretty sure the first show I ever crowd surfed at was a Something Corporate show in college. Those were the days. Now I cringe at the thought of crowd surfing. During his set he played songs from Something Corporate, Jack's Mannequin, Andrew McMahon and even played a few new songs with his new band Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness. One of ...

Riot Fest 2014 – From Byers to Mile High Stadium

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Riot Fest just announced a new venue for the festival in 2014: the parking lot of Mile High Stadium. My initial reaction was "Really? From a farm to a parking lot?" Can't say I'm too happy about where @RiotFest moved to: Mile High? Really? http://t.co/yGDTZMkNyo— Monika McMahon (@monikarun) July 18, 2014 Then I re-read the post about how they were going to make the parking lot more 'Byers-like': However, I do like that @RiotFest is turfing the parking lot so it won't be hot as balls! http://t.co/yGDTZMkNyo #milehigh— Monika McMahon (@monikarun) July 18, 2014 The reason I was annoyed they were going to hold it in the parking lot ...

Fitbit, Wearables and Connected Devices – Need Your Advice!

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My Fitbit Force was delivered to me the same day they issued their recall. I debated what to do, because I had spent a few days asking friends for advice on which ones they had and why and had settled on the Force because of the features, but mainly because most of my friends had Fitbit as well. Because of that I decided to keep it and was diligent about checking for any weird rashes. I've spent almost 6 months with it on my wrist and I was addicted! During Firefly, I was tracking just shy of 30,000 steps a day! Then a week later, it ...

New Music Tuesday – Rise Against – The Black Market – And the Colorado Connection

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While Rise Against isn't a Colorado band, they do have many ties to this great state. Did you know that many of their last albums were recorded right here in Fort Collins, Colorado in the Blasting Room? Well, they were. A few years ago I had the pleasure of going to a 'secret' show of theirs where they played in local clothing store, Kansas City Kitty. The store moved all of their merchandise to the sides, or put away in the back and a line started outside the store before they even closed at 5. I remember it was a pretty cold night, so my parents ...

Twitter Analytics Just Got Real

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I was excited when Twitter first announced that everyone had access to the analytics of their tweets, and loved it when they gave you the ability to download your entire Twitter history, but the analytics update they made today is AH-MAZING. I'm so excited about all of the new data available to me that I can hardly contain my excitement! What's so great about Twitter Analytics? Actual Impressions You read that right. Instead of estimating how many people saw your tweets by coming up with some weird algorithm, YOU NOW KNOW how many eyes were on your tweets! They give you a graph broken out by day: *Note, this isn't ...