American Idol Hates Us In Colorado

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It has been over 3 years since I wrote my rant on the Grammy's asking why they don't care about us in the Mountain Time Zone when it comes to Twitter, and NOTHING has changed! Earlier tonight, Aimee texted me about this Twitter vote that American Idol was holding for people to tweet who they wanted to keep on the show, during the last 5 minutes of the show. The problem? THE SHOW WAS ONLY LIVE FOR PEOPLE ON THE EAST COAST! That means that for those of us in the Mountain Time Zone, were not able to tweet our vote, or if we did tweet when the show ...

A Sports Bra That Fits – FINALLY!

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I hate bra shopping. I mean, does anyone *really* like it? I know I should put more time and effort into something that I wear every single day, but it isn’t easy or fun. I always struggle to find a bra that I like, that is a good color, where the cups are the right size for me and doesn’t have a lot of lace, bows or other fluff…the list goes on and on.

Luckily Title Nine invited me to their bra event last week and let me meet with their Bravangelist – WHO WAS AMAZING! She measured me and had me trying on sports bras that actually fit me within 10 minutes of walking in the door.

Read more to find out what bra I went home with and find out how to win your own bra from Title Nine today:

New Music Tuesday – Dead Sara – Pleasure To Meet You

Dead Sara is a band I’m currently obsessed with and SO excited that I was able to see them perform twice at SXSW 2015 – with my parents! They’re coming to Denver on April 10, 2015 to the Marquis Theatre and Wiredogs are opening. I bought tickets the day they came out, so I’m even more excited that my brother’s band will be opening, too! Take a listen to their new album, Pleasure to Meet You, as I haven’t stopped playing it all week. #obsessed

Wantable – November Intimates Collection

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This Wantables Intimates box was even better than the one I received in October, so I decided to also try Wantable's Fitness boxes and I am SO glad that I did! My first fitness box was a total success, and I'm hooked on these subscription boxes. What Was in Wantable Intimates Box - November Cupcake Hipster Underwear Muk Luks Aloe Socks Yummie Tummie Leggings Embroidered Bow Underwear This time I learned my lesson and took photos before trying them all on - and no, the photos are not of me wearing them - that seemed a bit too TMI for me (although I did show off my new snowflake tattoos in the ...

Day 5 in Dublin, Ireland for Christmas

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We started the day with two plans in mind: get to the bay to see the water and meet up with Jonathon’s cousins before leaving bright and early the next day. We also had a reservation at a speakeasy called Blind Pig that I was *really* excited about. Our last day was everything I expected, and closing out the bars with Jonathon’s cousins was the perfect ending to our Christmas vacation.

Day 4 in Dublin, Ireland for Christmas

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On our fourth day I realized just how bad my jet lag was, but we were able to get up and have brunch at Taste Company before going to the Guinness Storehouse and doing the full brewery tour. We had a great time learning how to pour the perfect pint, before meeting Joanthon’s family for tea at Bewley’s, lunch at The Green Hen, and more walking through Dublin. There was then a nap (did I mention my jet lag?) before a gluten free pizza dinner and drinking wine at home while watching TV.

Day 3 in Dublin, Ireland for Christmas

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We *loved* our breakfast yesterday, and considered going there again, but after much deliberation on where to go for breakfast, we decided to venture just down the street to Elephant & Castle after inspecting the menu online and learning that they had a meal with potato cakes (perfect to satisfy our American appetites). Unfortunately the cakes were quite small. Delicious, but small. I had the Omelette with Irish cheese and bacon (which is more like ham here). It was a great meal to fill up on before heading over to Jameson. The walk to Jameson was quick, and warm as we stayed to the North of ...

Day 2 in Dublin, Ireland for Christmas

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We got started a bit late on our second day as I was struck with jet lag and was WIDE awake from about 2-6 am after getting into Dublin in the early morning the day before. Jonathon woke up around 9 am, but couldn’t bring himself to wake me, so by the time we got up and moving, it was on the later end of brunch.

We spent the rest of the day walking around and exploring the city, and got to see this amazing sunset over the river!