American Idol Hates Us In Colorado

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It has been over 3 years since I wrote my rant on the Grammy’s asking why they don’t care about us in the Mountain Time Zone when it comes to Twitter, and NOTHING has changed!

Earlier tonight, Aimee texted me about this Twitter vote that American Idol was holding for people to tweet who they wanted to keep on the show, during the last 5 minutes of the show.

The problem?


That means that for those of us in the Mountain Time Zone, were not able to tweet our vote, or if we did tweet when the show was on for us (an hour later), our vote wasn’t counted because the decision had already been made.

So I started to tweet at them asking why they only allowed for their East Coast viewers to vote….

It’s been over 3 hours now, and I’ve yet to see a reply. But I keep tweeting them, as do my friends. Don’t believe me? Check out these tweets from tonight:

Yes, we may have gotten off topic a bit, but the point remains, we’ve yet to see a reply. Not only that, but I gave them an out at one point! I said I’d rather see a reply that said they had no idea what the thought was about the voting contest, but that they’d reply tomorrow after they chatted with the powers that be. Still…no response. #lesigh

Aimee was a bit more patient than me and searched about the vote, and found this video:

Which shows that if you are on the WEST COAST you can livestream the last 5 minutes, and vote along with everyone else! Yay! Warm feelings. Except…you can’t watch the rest of the show? How do you know who to vote for? Blind votes? Maybe that’s how we should all vote from now on?

I know American Idol understands the issues with being a TV show that spans time zones. I mean, they’ve being doing this since it started! That’s why they allowed so many hours for voting – SO IT INCLUDED EVERY PERSON THAT WATCHED THE SHOW! Why do they insist on treating social media and Twitter any differently?

I bet they just wanted impressions and to trend on Twitter, and they succeeded in that. However they lost a lot of respect from my friends and I as we continued to contribute to their impressions and tweets, by not giving us the respect of a reply. ANY reply.

What do you think they should do instead of this 5 minute ‘Twitter Vote’ that only includes the East Coast? Only caveat, it MUST include all time zones of the US.

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