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It is no secret that I will sign up for any new service and download most new apps, but most of them are gone from my iPhone and my memory within a few days (some within hours).

Even more rare is the app that I find myself using almost immediately on a daily basis. Forkly is one of those apps.

I was lucky enough to be a beta tester for them, but when I updated my iOS to beta 5 it borked my ability to use Forkly. That is when I knew that they were on to something. I was so annoyed that I couldn’t fork my food anymore! (I love the way that sounds. Fork my food. Ha!)

I tried so hard to make the app work. Martin was even nice enough to help me troubleshoot the issue to no avail. Nothing seemed to work. I was doomed. The app was dead to me, so I did my best to ignore all of my friends posting their food and drinks from Forkly to Twitter (I was not jealous or bitter. At all). Finally with the new iOS 5 beta 5 update Forkly started to work for me again!

So what exactly is Forkly? ReadWriteWeb puts it best: “The app looks less like a neighborhood foody news wire, like Foodspotting or a Facebook for your stomach’s eyes, and more like a Yelp plus Pandora for particular dishes.” Pretty much a place for you to photograph and document your love or hatred for food and drinks and share your opinions with friends.

I have some awesome foodie friends who are always eating and drinking at amazing restaurants. They recommend food to me, but unfortunately I have a horrible memory and either forget or do not order the right thing at a restaurant. Now I have no excuse as Forkly will remember what food I have said I wanted to try and will tell me where to go to get it.

The discover tab will be great for traveling. I rarely trust Yelp reviews, but there is something trustworthy about food photos mixed with a popularity rating.

I knew the moment the app was live in the app store because my phone was blowing up with requests:


I haven’t seen an app this popular since Instagram launched last year!

Plus Forkly makes it really easy to embed your photos and wants so you can show off your tastes (and what blogger doesn’t love that):

And if you still haven’t downloaded it yet, what are you waiting for? Go to iTunes now (and add me as a friend already).

  • Marta Celis
    August 23, 2011

    Ok, A) I did not know I was even following you yet! B) I can’t even get this app because it is not on Droid! C) I’m excited that my screenshot made it into your blog which I only stumbled upon today because I was watching the old TMP video compilation mentioned on twitter from ages ago when they ended. (Don’t ask how I even got there…) <3 ya Monika.


  • tim falls
    August 23, 2011

    thanks for sharing! i didn’t know it was live in the store. downloading now. forking very soon.

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