Mike Doughty – Question Jar Show

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I have had the pleasure of seeing Mike Doughty two times now, once was a Question Jar Show. What exactly does that mean? Well Mike allows the audience to ask any question they want and put it in a jar that he has on stage. In between songs, he will select a few and answer them. It’s kind of like a VH1 Behind the Music. It was one of the most entertaining shows I have been too. Just so intimate, and I love that you feel like you actually get to know Mike as a person, not just a musician. Bummed you missed his show? You should be, but luckily Mike has recorded one of his Question Jar Shows and the CD came out today! So go listen and learn more about this Soul Coughing artist.

Plus track 3 has Mike trying to name 27 Jennifer’s (first name and last). What is more entertaining than that?

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