New Follower Emails from Twitter

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The new emails from Twitter notifying you of a new follower are quite pretty and very sleek.

Here is the new version:

Twitter follower emails

I am a bit confused by the green checkmark though as this is not a verified account.

This was the old version:

Twitter follower emails

I am not sure if the ‘you also follow’ is gone or just hasn’t been in the last few emails due to a lack of followers on those accounts, but I will miss it if they did get rid of it. I also miss the ‘you do not follow —-’ as I liked that reminder in the old emails.

The new mobile version kind of sucks though:

photo 1.PNG

Old mobile:

photo 2.PNG

I am sure they are still tweaking it a bit, but I hope they did not get rid of some of this content just to make it look pretty.

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