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A couple of months ago I enabled the text messaging (sms) on Twitter to send me text messages when certain people Twitter.  Currently I have this turned on mainly for my family since I follow almost 900 people I kept missing when they would post to Twitter.  When I would talk to my family they would always ask if I had seen their last posts (since I am the one that convinced them to sign up for Twitter in the first place), and while I try my hardest to read all tweets (really I try – ask Matt) I was still missing some of theirs either because I was not going back in time far enough, or Twitter was not showing them all to me.

Now I have a timeline of all of their tweets in one place and I no longer miss anything they are posting! I have since added a few other Twitter accounts to notify me sms, like FrontierSale so I know of the sales they have immediately, UnitedAirlines because they were doing trivia everyday (and sms arrives to my phone faster than to TweetDeck) and my friend ElaineEllis who is spending 90 days traveling all over Europe.

Over the past 24 hours or so Twitter has had a malfunction that causes other people to show up in my sms timeline from Twitter that I have not set up to come to my phone.  I know some people are angry, upset, confused etc but I actually do not mind.  I have an unlimited texting plan so the additional texts messages are not going to cost me anything more, but instead they are showing me (so far) some interesting tweets from people that I follow.  I am being reminded why I follow some of these people due to this malfunction.

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