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Really, I am in love with this new jacket.  I was not even planning on buying a new winter jacket this year as I have few old ones and I do not plan on going skiing so I did not think I needed one.  That is until I went to the annual GoLite sale last Friday in Gunbarrel.

Paul and I went out to meet up with some people before a business meeting (I know, great place to try to meet).  I went mainly to browse and see what was in style.  Once I saw the Roan Plateau jacket in green, I could not stop thinking about it.

Roan Plateau Hooded Jacket

I walked all around the warehouse and looked at just about everything, but kept finding myself back at this same jacket.  After my third time around I decided to try it on and found that there was only one Medium left (which was not entirely true, I found out later that there were many many more in boxes, but it was the only medium left on the rack).  I tried it on and knew that I just had to have it.

After wandering around the warehouse for a while longer (and waiting for the guys to finish shopping) I decided I did not need anything else.  As we were leaving the sale, I put on my jacket, and boy was I glad I did! It was about 9 degrees outside, but this jacket made all the difference.  Since it is a down jacket, it absorbs your body heat to become instantly warm.  Usually when it is that cold and I drive, I turn on the seat heater to keep me warm. For once I had to turn it off because this jacket was plenty warm!  Later that day I opened up the pockets and found a surprise, there was a small bag in there. The jacket is so small and light weight that it comes with a bag that it fits into! I know this will come in handy so I can fit the jacket, in the bag, in my purse!!

GoLite bag for Roan

Do not let the size of this picture fool you, the bag is just a little bit bigger than my hand. Really!

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