Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest – Sunday

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Sunday started off much slower for me as I was exhausted from spending 3 whole days in the hot hot heat. We had a 2 day warehouse sale at DrillSpot on Thursday and Friday, so I was outside helping/selling and then on Friday went straight to Fort Collins for dinner and The Heyday and Flobots. I desperately needed to sleep in on Sunday, and after passing out at 9:30 on Saturday night my 11 hour slumber was amazing.

The first band I saw on Sunday was Shel at Old Town Square. When we got there, they were still warming up and the square was packed! I had heard of the band Shel but didn’t know what to expect from them and was surprised to see 4 girls on stage, all dressed up.

About to watch Shel perform at Old Town Stage. They have quite the crowd already!

While they were good performers, they left something to be desired, so after a few songs we ventured over to the Library Park Stage to see The Northern Way play. It was hotter than hell when they played and most of their fans hide in the shade, which was hundreds of feet from the stage, but some of their hardcore fans bared the heat to move to the front of the stage.

After that we went to watch Wire Faces followed by The Photo Atlas. Both bands are always fun to watch and put on great performances. I even got a Photo Atlas CD which they put together with the Epilogues. We ended the night with Matt Morris. He has a great voice and songs, but I wanted his show to be a bit more rock/pop/upbeat. It was nice to end on a more acoustic set, but I do prefer rock.

All in all it was a great 3 days of music! It was hot, and crowded, and so definitely worth it.

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