Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest 2010 – Saturday

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This year’s line up of bands at Bohemian Nights was incredible. I started off Friday night watching Pep*Squad’s last show ever, followed by a great performance from The Heyday. I was even lucky enough to experience the Flobots set from back stage.

Saturday started off with breakfast and a bloody mary from The Silver Grille. We then went straight to the music at Linden Street Stage to see The Tumbledowns perform cover songs by Aerosmith, Weezer, Jet and more. Despite playing at 11:30 to an already overheated crowd, they put on a great show. I cut out for a bit to go check out Tyler Ward and Julia Sheer play on the acoustic stage. Tyler writes and performs all of the songs with Julia, who is still in high school! She has an incredible voice and will be someone to watch in the coming years.

After that we meandered over to the Mountain Stage and caught the last song by Good Gravy! before watching Snake Rattle Rattle Snake. They are very impressive and definitely deserved to win the Denver Underground Music Showcase earlier this year.

The Don’ts and Be Carefuls were the next band on our list. They performed at the Old Town Square Stage and I overheard someone compare them the the Arcade Fire (I do not listen to AF very much, so I won’t comment on that).

After standing in the sun for about 45 minutes, we needed some shade! We walked back to the Mountain stage and paid admission into the New Belgium area next to the Melting Pot so we both rest our feet from standing all day and our skin from the cloudless sky.

From here we watched Kinetix who put on a good show and Grieves and Budo, who didn’t live up to the hype. I had heard so much about Grieves and was excited to get his sunglasses and hear him rap. His sunglasses left the following stains on my face, and his music left me wanting more. Don’t get me wrong, his rapping is impressive, but after he was done I was not able to distinguish one song from the next. I just want a little more variety in a show.

We were unsure where to go next, but were told by Adam of Fierce Bad Rabbit that we should go check out Nathanial Rateliff at the Old Town Square Stage. So glad we went! He is an impressive artist that I keep seeing all over the Denver area music scene (but you know how that goes). After that was Fierce Bad Rabbit who were amazing, as always. I have seen them many times, but they never fail to impress me.

After Fierce Bad I just had to go and see Meese perform their last show of all time. I have watched them since they first formed and opened for The Fray years ago at the Gothic Theatre and am a little sad to see them go, but excited to see what their new band does. For those interested, here is Meese performing “The Start Of It” at Bohemian Nights as their last song ever as a band:

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