Tweet That You Were Mentioned In Was Favorited

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I’ve been waiting to see that subject line from Twitter for quite some time and it finally arrived!

I’ve been disappointed with Twitter analytics for my personal account and often rely on third party sites for data and analytics regarding popular tweets, followers, unfollowers, you name it, I’ve looked for information on it.

Tonight when I opened my gmail to find this email, I literally squee’d out of excitement. Think of the possibilities!

Are you running a conference? Maybe a speaker tweets about their attendance, tags your account and receives a bunch of Retweets or Favorites. Now you will be notified without have to rely on third parties or by *gasp* manually tracking every tweet about you (and let’s be honest, we have all done that).

Now my imagination is running wild. What other emails have I been waiting for Twitter to generate for me. Are those next?

What information do you wish Twitter would email you?

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