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Farmville has gone from being a fun, addictive, creative time management game on Facebook to becoming spam. I would not even call it a game anymore.

In Farmville you get to plow, plant and harvest crops.  The longer you play the more seeds you can plant, the more animals you can give, along with a lot of other features.  Since this is a game played within Facebook, Zynga (creators of Farmville) want you to tell all of your friends you are playing to try so that they will as well. When I first started playing last month, there were only a few times when Farmville asked you to tell your friends when you achieved a certain level. If you wanted to be nice and send your Farmville friends a gift, Farmville would tell you which friends were already playing the game which meant you were not spamming all of your high school friends with a Pomegranate tree.

Sometime within the last week they have made many changes which have made it nearly impossible to play without spamming every single one of your friends.  Every action you take within the game, you get a pop up asking to tell your friends.  How is that fun?  I played Farmville because it was a fun, semi competitive, time management game that just happened to be housed within Facebook.  I tried to keep my Farmville spamming to a minimum but with these changes it is impossible not annoy the crap out of your Facebook friends and what is fun with clicking ‘cancel’ on a million pop-ups?

Due to these changes, I have quit playing Farmville.  It was fun while it lasted but I am sure my Facebook friends will thank me.

Goodbye Farmville

Goodbye Farmville

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