Superbowl Hashtags – What to use for #SB48

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Superbowl Hashtags to Use

Last year I really enjoyed watching all of the Superbowl commercials and how they interacted with social media, specifically Twitter and their use of hashtags. If the Broncos weren’t in the Superbowl, I’d be looking forward to just watching the commercials again, but this time I’ll also be cheering on the home team!

With the game fast approaching, the big question becomes, not who you are rooting for, but what hashtag will you be using?

So far I’ve seen the following in use when people have been tweeting about game:

Trying to squeeze them all in to your tweet only leaves you with 62 characters to post your thoughts and opinions. This doesn’t even count any additional hashtags that will become popular (like #OMAHA!) or crop up from brands.

So which will be the best for you use this weekend?

I took a look at all of them and tracked how frequently they’d been tweeted over the past 7 days. Here were the results (click the images to see all the numbers):

Number of Superbowl 48 Tweets by Hashtags

Superbowl Hashtags Leading up to #SB48

#SB48 is in the lead with 126,297, but #Superbowl isn’t far behind with 124,132! Those are clearly the top winners and ones you should be tracking/tweeting.

I was a bit disappointed that #Seahawks were beating #Broncos by 6,395 tweets! Hope most of those tweets were just about how they will be losing this weekend! :p

So, which hashtags will you be using this weekend?

What Superbowl Hashtag Will You Be Using?

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After looking at popularity, I’ll be using #SB48 & #Broncos!

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