My thoughts on the Charmin Bathrooms in NYC

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After celebrating Thanksmas we decided to go to NYC on Sunday and see if tkts had any good deals on a Broadway matinee.  We had just bought our tickets and were debating what to do next when we spotted the Charmin pop-up bathrooms in Times Square.  Since it had been a long train ride into the city we decided to see what all the hubub was about.

Immediately after walking in we were wondering if we had made a mistake.  We had to go up an escalator to the bathrooms:

Escalator to Charmin bathrooms

The escalator seemed to be leading us to an arcade or a casino in Vegas, but we kept on going.  When we reached the top of the escalator we were directed into a line like the ones at an amusement park (again very Vegas-esque).  As we walked through the snaking line, we noticed that there was an emcee who was directing everyone into their bathrooms.  We could not really hear what he was saying (nor did we care), and we could not understand what was playing on the tvs that were on the walls (again, we didn’t care).  In fact the whole experience was beyond bizarre as there was loud music, tvs, and an emcee – just to go to the bathroom!!

Charmin Bathrooms

As we stood in line, watching this guy yell into a microphone and dance we all debated about turning around and finding another bathroom  to use in Times Square.  In the end we waited it out (which may have been due to the line behind us) but we were slightly uncomfortable the entire wait.  I was first in line and as soon as my restroom had been cleaned (there were 2 people dedicated to cleaning the bathrooms after they were used) the emcee directed me to my restroom.

I walked in and was greeted by my own personal iPod  and speaker set.

iPod player

iPod player

And 6 different toilet paper dispensers.

Charmin Toilet Paper Dispenser

Charmin Toilet Paper Dispenser

The bathroom was very clean, however the floor was quite sticky and dirty.  While normally I do not care what the floor of a bathroom looks like, the Charmin bathrooms do not have a hook for your purse, which is a HUGE fail in my book.  As someone that ALWAYS carries a purse, I need somewhere to put it and since there was no hook, the floor was my next thought as these are supposed to be some of the cleanest bathrooms in NYC (Times Square at least).  Since the floor was not an option I placed my purse on the edge of the sink, which dangled precariously over the dirty floor and ended up a bit wet from disinfectant.  I never did use or touch the iPod, but I did use the bathroom and took this picture after:

me at the Charmin bathrooms

Bottom line: While these bathrooms were clean, I am not sure it was worth the wait for a bathroom that had a line with an emcee, loud music, tvs, and an iPod in the bathroom.  It was an interesting experience, but I do not think I will be back next time I am NYC.

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