Bohemian Nights at New West Fest 2014 – #FoCoMusic

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I'm excited for yet another year of Bohemian Nights at New West Fest - and it's only a day away! This three day event starts on Friday, August 15th and rocks straight on through August 17th. Bohemian Nights is always a favorite Fort Collins festival of mine as they always have a few stages of local bands, in addition to some national headliners, and the lineup this year is just as awesome. Included in the lineup are my faves (obvi) Wiredogs! I'm excited to see my brother, Stefan, and his wife Madeline. This festival is just like a family reunion, but with good music! Monika's List of ...

KTCL Channel 933′s #BigGig14 Social Stats

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Yesterday was awesome! As I said before, I love Big Gig and have been going since before it was called Big Gig (used to be Big Adventure). While I didn't tweet much during the event, it was because I was having too much fun running between the local stage and main stage and watching the bands! Bands In case you missed the lineup for #BigGig14: Panic! At The Disco Walk The Moon Twenty One Pilots MSMR American Authors Brick+Mortar Bad Suns Magic Man Locals Stage Rumours Follow Post Paradise Chemistry Club Pandas & People Glowing House Videos Sitting in the lawn wasn't the best for video and since Aimee was in the pit taking pictures, I figured that would be better than my ...

Fitbit, Wearables and Connected Devices – Need Your Advice!

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My Fitbit Force was delivered to me the same day they issued their recall. I debated what to do, because I had spent a few days asking friends for advice on which ones they had and why and had settled on the Force because of the features, but mainly because most of my friends had Fitbit as well. Because of that I decided to keep it and was diligent about checking for any weird rashes. I've spent almost 6 months with it on my wrist and I was addicted! During Firefly, I was tracking just shy of 30,000 steps a day! Then a week later, it ...

Twitter Analytics Just Got Real

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I was excited when Twitter first announced that everyone had access to the analytics of their tweets, and loved it when they gave you the ability to download your entire Twitter history, but the analytics update they made today is AH-MAZING. I'm so excited about all of the new data available to me that I can hardly contain my excitement! What's so great about Twitter Analytics? Actual Impressions You read that right. Instead of estimating how many people saw your tweets by coming up with some weird algorithm, YOU NOW KNOW how many eyes were on your tweets! They give you a graph broken out by day: *Note, this isn't ...

Tips on Creating Successful Kickstarter Campaigns

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Last night, I attended a fun event all about Kickstarter, put on by Arts for Colorado (AFC) and WESTAF (Western States Arts Federation) at Deer Pile in Denver. I’ve never personally launched a Kickstarter (considered it for Noiselace, but instead built an online store), have supported many local artists in their campaigns, been a follower of Kickstarter for years and was definitely interested in learning more. Especially after potato salad happened this week. The speakers included 2 local individuals, Brigid and Robert, who each had successful campaigns and Stephanie Pereira, Kickstarter’s International & Civic Partnerships Lead. There was so much great information that I took over 4 ...

Google+ Hangout With Juan, SomeAudioGuy, to Talk Noiselace Earplug Necklaces!

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My last live video chat was with Huffington Post about No 'Poo, and was a little more stressful than my chat yesterday with Juan, but I think I'm getting the hang of it! Juan, SomeAudioGuy and SomeGadgetGuy online, and I met at the magical FireFly Music Festival a few weeks ago and hit it off immediately! Mainly because we tweeted pre-festival about bringing ear plugs. Easy to get along with someone else who wants to protect their ears! We were going to do a video interview at FireFly, but ran out of time as we were running around trying to see all of the bands. So instead we ...

STOP Making This Twitter Mistake

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I'm writing this post out of love, I promise. I used to be more discreet when I saw people and brands making this mistake on Twitter by DM'ing or emailing them to tell them what they were doing wrong and how to fix it, but this isn't an easy issue to explain in 140 characters, so I'm writing a blog post to hopefully help everyone out. When working with Aimee on gathering info for, I opened The Underground Music Showcase's (UMS for short) Twitter account. I noticed that many of their last tweets highlighting bands looked like this: Do you see the issue? They started the ...

Firefly Music Festival 2014 in Delaware #ListenwithLumia

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This past week I was in Chicago to celebrate my sister-in-law's graduation from DePaul University (Congrats again Maddy!), when I got a message from Aimee asking what I was doing the weekend of June 20th (besides Westword Music Showcase, of course). I quickly looked at my calendar and realized that was the only event on my calendar for the weekend. I told her I was free otherwise, and she quickly replied back that Nokia had contacted her about going to Delaware for the Firefly Music Festival (which I had honestly never heard of before) and she also gave them my name to go as her guest. ...

Stop Pinning and Start Crafting! Made easy with Whimseybox

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Thanks to my mom, I've always had a crafty bone, and every once and awhile I get the itch to create something. I have yarn stashed around the house and am always in the middle of a few projects at any given time. Pinterest makes this much worse, as I always find such great DIY crafts! My problem is that I usually don't have the materials or equipment needed to properly craft! That usually involves a couple hundred dollar trip to Michael's and no where to store all of my crafting supplies after I've been crafty. Then I discovered Whimseybox. (more…)

New LinkedIn Contacts – Getting into the CRM Game?

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When I logged into LinkedIn this morning, I was surprised to be introduced to and walked through a new feature - LinkedIn Contacts! If you don't get the prompts, or have already hit 'skip' on them, here's what it looks like. When viewing a profile you now have '*Relationship' and 'Contact Info' tabs below the profile image: (P.S. Yes, Jonathon and I didn't even connect on LinkedIn until we were married.) Personally I love being able to see the exact date I became linked with someone. Think about it - how often have you thought to yourself "Where did I meet this person? What conference? What year?" etc. Now ...