Ultimate #TBT – Happy Birthday Stefan – Enjoy DisneyLand!

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A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to spend my 29th birthday in the Happiest Place on Earth – DisneyLand! I was able to talk my good friend Joni into accompanying me on this trip, and we had a blast.
I don’t want to say that it was better than I remembered, but it was just as fantastic as my memories from coming here as a child were.

Looking back, I have no idea how many times I went to DisneyLand as a child. I was very lucky that my parents, Erik and Lisa, took Stefan (my brother) and me here often on our vacations throughout the years. I even spent my 20th birthday celebrating with my family at Blue Bayou (the restaurant inside of Pirates of the Caribbean). Just writing this post, I can imagine the smell of that ride, and hear the crickets combined with excited chatter of the ride participants before they drop into the dark, pirate filled ride.

Today is Stefan’s 29th birthday, and while we spent the month of August back in Colorado, he mentioned that he had wanted to spend his birthday with Madeline, his wife, at DisneyLand. Little did he know that he just gave me the perfect birthday present – tickets to DisneyLand! I planned it with his wife, Madeline, and spent Tuesday night FaceTiming with Stefan to tell him about his present (and buy his tickets).

Read more to see some real throwback photos from my childhood!

Genevieve Gave Me All the Feels at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn

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Genevieve is currently out on tour in support of her new album “Show Your Colors” and recently played a show at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn. At the last minute I decided to attend, and the show was everything that I wanted and more.

She sounds amazing, and while I only got a few videos, they are definitely worth watching/listening to because the entire show was incredible. Here’s more details on my amazing, plus my struggle with fitting in to the NYC music scene.

Creating Custom Maps in Google Maps for Travel

I’ve been using the “My Maps” feature on Google Maps for a few years now. I created a map of my 2015 travels, as well as everywhere we went in Dublin over Christmas in 2014. These maps help me remember where we went, but also are great for blog posts and to share with others when they ask for recommendations when traveling.

However, my new favorite thing, is creating maps to share with people before our travels.

Next Up: Galway, Ireland for an Irish Wedding!

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After being back in NYC for three weeks, it’s time for my next international trip. This time Jonathon and I are headed back to Ireland to attend his cousin’s wedding next week!

I’m really excited for this trip as Jonathon and I had such a good time in Dublin last year, and since this wedding is in the country, we’re able to explore even more of Ireland.

Since the reason for this trip is the wedding and spending time with Jonathon’s family, we haven’t planned too much, but we will be spending at least a night in Dublin and are hoping to spend a few days in Galway as well.

Even though I don’t know how much time I’ll have in each city, I’ve still made a list of what I’m looking forward to doing in Ireland this week:

My First 90 Days Living in NYC

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Hard to believe it has already been 90 days since I boarded that plane on November 13th from Denver to NYC, but here we are, celebrating Valentine’s Day in NYC!

Now, it hasn’t been 90 full days in the city, as I went back to Colorado for 10 days in December to wrap up some of the loose ends from our quick move and hang out with some friends that I’d already been missing!

I also just got back from extended working vacation to Mexico. The trip was supposed to only be 10 days long, but quickly turned into 17 thanks to Winter Storm Jonas, which closed down NYC and cancelled my flight home. So technically, I’ve only been living in the city for 63 days, but those days included all major holidays so far – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day.

Everyone has been asking how it is out here, if I’m liking it, how different it is from Boulder and Colorado, so here’s my thoughts, 90 days in.

Memories of the First Hometown for the Holidays Event in 2006 #HTftH

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Time and time again, I write about how I love this season because of KTCL 93.3′s Hometown for the Holidays. When listening to the Top 10, Nerf reminded me that this is the 10 year anniversary of this great contest and concert. I know I’ve been a longtime fan and supporter of this contest, but it wasn’t until I chatted with my parents that we figured out we’ve been listening and attending Hometown since the start in 2006. How was that 10 years ago already???

As we were talking, we realized we all had much different memories of KTCL’s first Hometown for the Holidays. Since we had all attended the event in 2006, I thought it would be great to have each of us write our memories of that year to share before the 10th Anniversary event.

Read below to see what each of us remember about Hometown for the Holidays and why.

93.3 KTCL’s Hometown for the Holidays 2015 #HTftH2015

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Another year, another Hometown for the Holidays competition! This is something I look forward to each year because I love when locals get played on the radio, and the finale is one of the best parties of the year! Hometown for the Holidays really is the office party for the music scene, and I love being able to see everyone in one place, in support of local music.

This year feels a bit different though as I’ve recently moved to NYC, but will be back in Colorado for the finale – and I can’t wait to see everyone! Another reason this year feels different, there are so many new names! I love that this competition brings out so many new bands of different genres and styles – and that they make the top 10!

Here’s the top 10:
Covex & Enzalla
Hillary Hand
Foxfield Four
Miguel Dakota & the Differents

Read more to get a chance to listen to all of the songs! Who do you think will make the top 3?

Long Weekend in La Crosse, Wisconsin

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We’ve spent a lot of time in Wisconsin visiting family and friends, and in April we went for a long weekend. Since we both work from home, we extended our trip to the first part of the week, and worked from local coffee shops.

During this trip I had one of the best meals of my life, discovered my new favorite latte and was served one of the worst meals I’ve ever seen (I didn’t eat it).

Here’s all about our trip to La Crosse, Wisconsin from April, 2015.

What’s Making Me Happy this Friday – September 11th – Wunderlist!

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This week’s edition of what’s making me happy is an app that I recently re-discovered. Not only does this app make me happy, but the latest update released last week is what is making me REALLY happy.

What’s making me happy this week:


Read more to find out what they’ve updated that’s making me REALLY happy this week!

Ready For Fall – And So Is Warby Parker!

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I am so ready for fall. This summer has been brutal as both Jonathon and I work from home, and we don’t have AC!!

However, FALL IS ALMOST HERE! I’m really looking forward to the cool, crisp air; wearing jeans, sweaters and scarves; and Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Yes, I did buy an iced PSL at Starbucks this weekend, but only because I knew the special password (it was Pumpkin, in case you were wondering). It was delicious and a sign of things to come.

Read more to see what else I’m excited about, including Warby Parker’s new Fall Collection of eyewear!