Superbowl Hashtags 2013 #sb47 #Superbowl #brandbowl #adbowl

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Originally when I pictured this post I was going to write down the bands featured in each ad I saw during the Superbowl. I was expecting ads featuring bands like Walk the Moon, Grouplove and Sleeper Agent. I was surprised though! Most ads featured older or re-mixed music. During the first official commercial break I started to also capture the hashtags used by brands. Below are all of the brands and the hashtags they used during the Superbowl. (more…)

Another Reason Rdio Rocks

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I love Rdio. This last weekend I drove to Montrose with my friend Joni and I have to say, our 90's playlist literally entertained us for hours (10+)! Having the ability to easily find those songs you love (or loved) with just a few searches is priceless, really. That being said, I also struggle with Rdio because I know what a drain it is for local artists. It takes time and effort to get your songs on there. Then you have to convince your fans to go to to listen to your songs. And then you get paid. Cents. Like nothing. Have you ever looked at the ...

Uber Comes to Denver

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Since Uber's launch in Denver, I have only had the pleasure of ordering one ride, but I can't wait to use it more. When I was in NYC for BlogHer, I rode in many Uber cars thanks to my friend George. It was so nice and easy! The cars were clean, the drivers were always super nice one had even had two iPhone chargers for us to use! (more…)

New New Twitter – Things I Actually Like!

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So, it is clear that there are some things I really dislike about this new new Twitter (*ahem* usernames *ahem*), but I have found a few things I actually like! My cousin asked me the other day if there was a good way to see replies to a given tweet (I had asked Twitter a question, and she wanted to know the answer). I told her there wasn't, except to search for @Sativabella and look at responses. Now there is an easy way! In your stream, click on a tweet, and if there is a response, you will see it pop up below the tweet: Pretty nifty, right? ...

A New Giggety-Gig(gety)

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So, some of you already know this, but in case you have not heard, I have a new full time gig! Last week was my first week being a full-time employee of BlogFrog! For the past month, I have worked with BlogFrog as a contractor, and after my contract was up, they offered me a permanent position! What exactly is BlogFrog? This isn't the easiest thing to explain in a few words, so I will borrow some words from a recent writeup from The Next Web on what BlogFrog is: There are literally millions of blogs around the Internet, many with similar interests, feel and audiences, and yet there’s ...

Boulder Beta and a Concert!

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Today is shaping up to be a fantastic day! Not only is it my brother's birthday (go buy his album INCA now!!) but it is the date for Boulder Beta, and there is a local show (no surprise there) in BOULDER! (Gasp!) What is Boulder Beta? I am glad you asked. This is an event that was started by Tim Falls in February of this year. Boulder Beta is a mix of startups in the area showcasing their ideas/products/etc in a casual, social atmosphere where they can gain real, honest feedback. It is also a great place to network, see old friends, make new ones and, of ...

New Goal For The Summer (Thanks Aimee)

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I have been thinking about this for awhile now (and actively trying to achieve this new goal), but I have decided that I need to take more photos and video of my life. I know what you are thinking. You are thinking "But, Monika, you have over 350 videos on YouTube, countless photos on Flickr and always have a camera in your massive purse!" Yes, this may be true, however, how many of those photos feature me with my friends, just hanging out and having a good time? Not very many. The only photos of myself are the vanity Instagram pics that end up being my ...

Fork Me

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It is no secret that I will sign up for any new service and download most new apps, but most of them are gone from my iPhone and my memory within a few days (some within hours). Even more rare is the app that I find myself using almost immediately on a daily basis. Forkly is one of those apps. I was lucky enough to be a beta tester for them, but when I updated my iOS to beta 5 it borked my ability to use Forkly. That is when I knew that they were on to something. I was so annoyed that I couldn't fork my food ...