How to Use Twitter’s New Custom Timeline Feature

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Earlier today Twitter released a new feature for their Tweetdeck users: Custom Timelines. What exactly is it? It can be whatever you want! Instead of creating a list of people to follow, you can curate a list of tweets on a given subject and instead of favoriting tweets after following a conference hashtag, you can add them a list to come back to later, or embed on your site. You can also curate a list of tweeted testimonials for use on an ecommerce site instead of embedding each tweet separately. I also like the idea of using it as a favorites list, but now you can separate ...

Rdio’s New Radio Feature

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Rdio has been my streaming music site of choice for quite some time now, and earlier this week they released an awesome new feature! While I enjoy being able to select bands, songs or albums to listen to, but sometimes when I am working I just want music to play and not repeat the same album over and over. Generally when I feel this way I just switch to and create a new station. Every once and a while I'll even use the iHeartRadio app and listen to 93.3 KTCL on my phone. However I am never quite satisfied with the music that my Pandora station ...

Instagram Videos – How to Turn Off Auto-Play

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I have a few pet peeves when it comes to these new micro video apps, but that's for another day. Since Instagram announced their new video feature today, the social sphere has been turning Instagram feeds everywhere into strictly video feeds. My feed is literally all video, which start obnoxiously playing as I quickly scroll through my feed. While by default the Instagram videos have the auto-play option enabled, they built in the ability to turn off auto-play!!! Wasn't that nice of them? I was happy when they said the videos wouldn't loop, but this will keep my feed pretty clean, which is how I like it! Turning ...

Foursquare’s Time Machine

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I saw a tweet linking to and my first thought was "Did they buy Timehop?" Of course I clicked, and while they didn't buy Timehop, this site is pretty cool! It plays a video of your check-ins throughout your time on Foursquare. I didn't watch the entire thing because after about a minute I was still looking at check-ins from 2010, and knew there were MANY more to come. The animation is a lot of fun and I especially like the neon colors with the black background. I wish there was a way to turn off the music, but that's my only complaint. (more…)

Tweet That You Were Mentioned In Was Favorited

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I've been waiting to see that subject line from Twitter for quite some time and it finally arrived! I've been disappointed with Twitter analytics for my personal account and often rely on third party sites for data and analytics regarding popular tweets, followers, unfollowers, you name it, I've looked for information on it. Tonight when I opened my gmail to find this email, I literally squee'd out of excitement. Think of the possibilities! Are you running a conference? Maybe a speaker tweets about their attendance, tags your account and receives a bunch of Retweets or Favorites. Now you will be notified without have to rely on third parties or ...

Twitter Hashtag Search – No Hashtag Necessary!

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The other night I was flipping through channels on TV and stumbled on the MTV Movie Awards. I'm not a big movie person, and even less of an award show watcher (we all know how I feel about the Grammys), and yet I stopped to watch a few minutes. After I tweeted about my thoughts on how it was going: I decided to see what others thought of the event. I clicked on the trending topic and the first thing I noticed? Twitter was aggregating tweets that were talking about the event, but weren't using the hashtag. Three of the seven tweets below do not contain the hashtag ...

Happy Foursquare Day!

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I've been a fan and user of Foursquare since they started at SXSW many years ago (ok, 4 years ago). They've deemed today to be 4sqDay day (4/16...get it?). This year they've introduced a fun little visualization of your past years checkins. Just go to and log in to see what you've been up to since the last Foursquare day. (more…)

How To Embed A Pinterest Board On Your Blog

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Recently, I've stopped creating Google Docs of links to blog posts around certain topics and started to use Pinterest to keep all of the information in one spot. You can see my most recent post on How to Ditch the Shampoo and the Pinterest board there. Rather than link to the board, I figured it would be better to visually feature it. I was going to take a screenshot, until I remembered that Pinterest now allows for people to not only embed Pin It buttons, but also Pinterest profiles, individual pins and Pinterest boards! (more…)

Don’t Be Lazy – And Why It Matters On Pinterst

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After I got married, I adopted the Paleo diet (I mean if my husband is going to cook, of course I am going to eat it!). After a few weeks I figured I should start contributing and finally start utilizing Pinterest, so I went on the search for yummy Paleo meals to pin to his board. It didn't take me long to realize a few things. 1) I am a lazy pinner. I hate that I am forced to add content to the piece before I can pin it. 2) Others are just as lazy as me when it comes to blog posts, especially images (trust me, I ...