Rapportive – Social Networks of Who Emails You

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Over the past few months I have downloaded and participated in many labs for gmail plugins that are supposed to help with everything from label organization, to allowing me to 'unsend' an email (it really comes in handy). But by far my favorite and most used email plugin is Rapportive. They describe themselves as company that gives rich contact profiles from inside Gmail, but what they do is provide links to social networks from people who email you. Sounds pretty complicated, but all it really does is show you the last few tweets or Facebook updates alongside of the email you are reading. It comes in handy both ...

Selling To Me In A Digital World

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My inbox is constantly filling up with requests from people asking 'for just 15 minutes of your day' for a phone call, or a brief introduction to their services that they are trying to sell me. Most of these emails are immediately archived or trashed, never to receive a response from me. I have honestly stopped reading most of them as people spell my name wrong, email me from a gmail account instead of a company URL, or are clearly cutting and pasting from previous emails to other people (it shows up in blue people! Come on!). Recently though, I have had a few people actually take ...


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Every morning, the first thing I do when I wake up, is check my email. I absolutely love reading my email from Abe (4squareand7yearsago.com) to remind me where I was last year. Today I have discovered a new email service from Brenden Mulligan - MorningPics. This service sends you an Instagram photo to your inbox every morning (and we all know how many Instagram photos I take). Most of my Instagram photos are of dogs, or fun times with friends, so I am sure that waking up to these images will brighten my day. MorningPics is still in Beta, and I am not on the list yet, but ...

Google Music Beta Invite

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Yay! I am one of the cool kids now! I just got this email: Now to upload all my music and play with it. I hope it works with my iPhone/iPad as the email states 'Android' devices. I also bought the $0.99 Lady Gaga album today on Amazon.com just to get the 20 gigs of cloud storage, so it will be fun to see which of these services are better. Now for Apple to come out with their own cloud storage option.

Zaarly Comes To Boulder!

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How many times have you been at work and craving some good coffee but are too lazy to run to Atlas to pick it up? Or you needed an umbrella and didn’t have time to go to Target to buy one? Or you are sick and home and just need some chicken noodle soup and medicine delivered? Zaarly is perfect for all of those situations!

Boulder Startup Week 2011

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This Wednesday kicks off Boulder Startup Week 2011. I was out of town for Startup Week 2010 but was able to attend one event, beer and bloggers, which ended up changing my life in Boulder. While that may seem a bit over-dramatic, it is the truth. If I had not attended that event at Mountain Sun, then I never would have been introduced to Joni! It seems that most people who came to Startup Week 2010 have similar stories to share about this event and how it changed their lives. I will have to work during the day, but hope to make it out to some of ...

My Purse Is Full

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Of Square credit card readers! Yes, my purse is generally full of crap: camera, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, Mophie, countless cords, ear plugs, wallet, makeup, band-aids, Advil, contacts...the list goes on and on and on, but how many times has it come in handy for you? There have been countless nights where I have lent out my cell phone charges, Mophie chargers to those in need, given Advil to those in pain and caught many moments on camera (that most would probably like to forget) but it is always worth it. Now my purse is full of something else that will likely help others more than it helps ...

My New Favorite, Most Used App Of The Moment

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is Postagram! They just launched last week, so of course I immediately signed up. What better product to bridge my love of taking Instagram photos with sharing those photos with loved ones? Now I can not only share the Instagram photos with all of closest internet friends, but I can sent postcards to my favorite Luddites as well! Postagram just makes it so easy (and cheap) to send a postcard. (more…)

Gilt Sale: Flip Camera!

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So yesterday Cisco announced that it was killing the Flip camera. Today Gilt Groupe is having a huge sale on Flip cameras! I own a Flip, and I have not been impressed with it whatsoever. It is kind of big, bulky and even though I have the HD version, the video and audio quality are not as good as my iPhone. The audio is especially bad at concerts, which seems to be where I take most of my video these days. If you were upset when you learned that Flip was dying, here is one more chance to go grab one before they become obsolete!