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Hometown For The Holidays 2012

13 Dec

Hometown For The Holidays 2012

It’s that time of year again!!

Honestly I get more excited for the announcement of Hometown for the Holidays bands than I do for Christmas! I mean, the number of times I blog about it should tell you something.

Tonight KTCL will be announcing the top 10 bands at Not So Silent Night at the First Bank Center. I will not be there (yes, I failed to obtain tickets before they sold out), but I have a few friends who will be texting me…as they are announced (no, I can’t wait for the official announcement).

I know you want to rate these bands, so go sign up to receive the survey via email. Click the image below to sign up now!

As soon as my friends text me, I will update this blog post with the top 10! So check back later tonight!
#HTFTH – Navy, Chemistry Club, Veta Star, Reno Divorce, Medic, My Body, Monroe Monroe, RATKings, Photo Atlas, Foxfield 4

The Time I Sang Karaoke

10 Oct

The Time I Sang Karaoke

I will blame this entirely on Star Bar (specifically Justin) and Matt Lanning. (Ok, there may have been a few tiki drinks involved). Either way, last night was the first (and likely only) time I sang Karaoke. I only agreed to do it after Justin said he would sing a duet with me. I just had to find a song! Flipping through that book was too time consuming, so I did what any person on Twitter would do, I tweeted my followers looking for suggestions!

As soon as I saw the Grease suggestion, I knew that was the one I had to pick. I used to listen to that song/watched the movie so much I knew the lyrics by heart.

Or at least I thought I did. Turns out they played a little trick on me and played the DIRTY version of Summer Nights for me! Watch the video below for the lyrics, but be warned, they are not safe for work.

I have to admit, I was kind of glad they did it. That took the pressure off of me singing and the whole bar got to enjoy me fumbling along and laughing at the lyrics instead of attempting to sing.

Matt even capture this photo of me to prove I did indeed sing:

So next time I *happen* to be at a Karaoke bar, any suggestions on other songs I should learn in advance so I don’t look like a fool if I get called up to the mic?

Uber Comes to Denver

23 Sep

Uber Comes to Denver

Since Uber’s launch in Denver, I have only had the pleasure of ordering one ride, but I can’t wait to use it more.

When I was in NYC for BlogHer, I rode in many Uber cars thanks to my friend George. It was so nice and easy! The cars were clean, the drivers were always super nice one had even had two iPhone chargers for us to use!


93.3 KTCL’s Big Gig Top 10 Locals Only Contest

7 Aug

93.3 KTCL’s Big Gig Top 10 Locals Only Contest

I really love all that 93.3 KTCL does for local bands. Yes, they are a Clear Channel station, but do you know how many local shows the DJ’s attend? It is a lot and it is impressive.

Not only do the DJ’s attend shows, the station also holds contests and allow local bands to open for their Big Gig concert every year. They have just announced the top 10 locals who are in the running to open for this years show which includes acts like Silversun Pickups, The Hives, The Wombats and more!

So now it is up to YOU to help these bands make it!

In order to vote for your favorites, you MUST SIGN UP TODAY! The surveys go out tomorrow and will be delivered to your email address.

Want to listen to the top 10 before taking your survey? No prob! All of their songs are below for your listening pleasure.


Win a Free Ticket to Unwined Denver from Club W!

19 Jul

Win a Free Ticket to Unwined Denver from Club W!

You are probably wondering “What is Unwined?” No, it is not a concert festival (although there will be DJ’s), but it is a wine extravaganza that is sponsored by Club W! This Saturday and Sunday at the EXDO center in Denver, there will be 200+ wines available for you to taste, along with food from some of Denver’s top food trucks.

Does this sound like an event that is right up your alley? Well, lucky for you, I have a ticket to give away for Saturday’s event! Entry is easy and open to anyone who can attend on Saturday (yes, the event is 21+).


Pilates + prAna gear = Fashionable Monika (& a giveaway!)

26 Jun

Pilates + prAna gear = Fashionable Monika (& a giveaway!)

It’s no secret that I have started actually working out for the first time in my life, but I am finally┬ástarting to dress the part as well! My workout attire had consisted of startup t-shirts and tights from Target, but now I have a little more style while working out, thanks to prAna!

They’ve got my back, literally. They were nice enough to gift me with the following active wear pieces (and boy are they comfy)!

They gave me the Mackenzie Knickers, the Quinn Chakara top and the Kira top:

I mean look how cute I look at 6:00 am!

And? I look even more stylish when actually doing Pilates.


Rocket Summer – Take Two!

12 Jun

Remember that time that I was an idiot and locked my purse in my new car with my ID, credit cards and, of course, the spare car keys? Yeah, that was a fun December night. That was the same night that The Heyday had a show at Marquis Theatre opening for Rocket Summer. I somehow made it out of my car with the tickets to the show (thank god) and my camera (I had a photo pass). After a quick call to USAA, I had a locksmith on order, to show up in about an hour and a half. Since I had time to kill, and tickets to a show, Aimee, LeVar, Kaila (my other indie bitch) and I head on over to the Marquis. We get to the venue, where I get big X’s on my hands (remember, my ID was locked in the car). I was livid, and immediately ran to the bathroom to wash them off my hands. It has been almost 10 years since I have had the shameful X’s mark my hands!

The Heyday was awesome, as usual:

Then Rocket Summer started, and that is right when my phone rang. The locksmith was at the garage where my car was parked. So I sacrificed my desire to see a concert to try and recover my belongings. Without going into all of the lovely, gory details, I did get my purse back, but not before I cancelled all the credit cards. So after I had my keys and an ID back, we went to Summit Music Hall to see the band Eldren, and get a little intoxicated, thanks to my lovely friends and bartenders.

So, while I technically have seen Rocket Summer, it was maybe a song at most. Luckily I get the chance to see them again tonight at Summit Music Hall! Opening is local band Regret Night, who have that catchy song “She Said.”

Here is a preview of one of his new songs and you can listen to them all right now on Purevolume!

I am definitely digging his new album as it sounds like he has grown up a bit and developed his sound a little more. Hopefully tonight will be a better night then the last time I tried to see Rocket Summer!

*Disclaimer: I was put on the guestlist for tonight’s show, but wasn’t asked for a blog post or promotion of event. Thoughts and opinions are all my own*