How to Create a Pinterest Map Board

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Pinterest just released a cool new feature and collaboration with Foursquare: Mapped Boards. They are pitching it as a great way to plan or pin pictures from a trip you took, but I immediately thought of music. The first board I created? Concert venues in Colorado. Here's how you go about creating a mapped board: When I logged in last night I was prompted to create one with this banner: (more…)

How to Use Twitter’s New Custom Timeline Feature

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Earlier today Twitter released a new feature for their Tweetdeck users: Custom Timelines. What exactly is it? It can be whatever you want! Instead of creating a list of people to follow, you can curate a list of tweets on a given subject and instead of favoriting tweets after following a conference hashtag, you can add them a list to come back to later, or embed on your site. You can also curate a list of tweeted testimonials for use on an ecommerce site instead of embedding each tweet separately. I also like the idea of using it as a favorites list, but now you can separate ...

Easy Way to Remove Halloween Makeup From Your Face with One Organic Item

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Halloween is Jonathon's favorite holiday and since this was the first Halloween that we were spending together, I knew we needed to come up with some great costumes. After much debate we decided to go with Dia de los Muertos. He was skeptical of my ability to paint his face (and let's be honest, so was I), but I have to admit, I think I surprised us both! We celebrated Halloween with friends last Saturday, and both of us had trouble removing the makeup using soap, water, cotton balls, q-tips, face wipes etc. You name it, we were using it. (more…)

DIY Ombre Infinity Scarf Pattern

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I've been knitting for probably close to 10 years now, but I just can't bring myself to knit in the summer. This past week has been an exception. Last week, after looking at Pinterest, I had the urge to get crafty, so I dug through my closet until I found all of my yarn/half finished products. I also seem to have a problem finishing these projects. Oops! (more…)

Liquid Dinner Recipe Paleo Style

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My cravings for vegetables continues, so in order for me to consume as many veggies as I want without sitting and eating for hours we have taken the juicer out of the cabinet. The last two nights I have consumed almost my entire meal in liquid form, and boy was it good! Last night I also had some small grass-fed lettuce tacos and tonight I had half of a sausage, so my meals haven't been entirely liquid. I love how colorful the fruit and veggies are! (more…)

Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps – Paleo Recipe

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One food I love and crave at least once a month are wings. In high school I would go to Jim's Wings in Fort Collins every week for their .25 cent wings. Those were the days. Everyone I knew would be there, stuffing their faces and getting hot sauce and ranch all over their hands and cheeks. Most chicken wings at restaurants aren't really Paleo since they come breaded and instead of baking chicken wings, I decided to dig out the crockpot and make some shredded buffalo chicken. A quick Google/Pinterest search didn't find any Paleo recipes to I made one up. It turned out to be ...

Instagram Videos – How to Turn Off Auto-Play

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I have a few pet peeves when it comes to these new micro video apps, but that's for another day. Since Instagram announced their new video feature today, the social sphere has been turning Instagram feeds everywhere into strictly video feeds. My feed is literally all video, which start obnoxiously playing as I quickly scroll through my feed. While by default the Instagram videos have the auto-play option enabled, they built in the ability to turn off auto-play!!! Wasn't that nice of them? I was happy when they said the videos wouldn't loop, but this will keep my feed pretty clean, which is how I like it! Turning ...