Easy Way to Remove Halloween Makeup From Your Face with One Organic Item

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Halloween is Jonathon’s favorite holiday and since this was the first Halloween that we were spending together, I knew we needed to come up with some great costumes. After much debate we decided to go with Dia de los Muertos. He was skeptical of my ability to paint his face (and let’s be honest, so was I), but I have to admit, I think I surprised us both!

We celebrated Halloween with friends last Saturday, and both of us had trouble removing the makeup using soap, water, cotton balls, q-tips, face wipes etc. You name it, we were using it.

On Sunday, I could barely look at Jonathon without laughing because it looked like he was wearing eyeliner as he wasn’t able to remove the black from his eyes. My makeup came off ok with a lot of scrubbing, which left my face red and raw but the glitter was another story. It was glued on to my skin, scalp and chest.

When we got home later that night Jonathon discovered the perfect item for removing makeup without irritating: Coconut Oil!!

(Image from Dr. Bronner’s website.)

Not only does coconut oil remove all of the makeup from your face, but it leaves it moisturized and feeling great. A quick google search has lots of articles containing many items to add to your shopping list and a ton of instructions on how to remove makeup, but this way is much faster, easier, organic and feels great.

I dressed up for work again yesterday (on actual Halloween) and after 12+ hours my eyes had had it!

Jonathon insisted I try his trick and less than 5 minutes later my face was clean, the glue from the fake eyelashes was gone and my face felt great. I really wish I had known about this earlier because I can’t even count the number of nights I’ve spent rubbing a face wipe on my eyes begging the glitter, color and mascara to come off.

Do you have any other natural tricks to removing makeup?

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