I Need a New Laptop, iPad, Messenger, Travel Bag

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I am in desperate need for new laptop bag. A few weeks ago I purchased a Chrome messenger bag, and while it is a great bag and fit my laptop, ipad, camera, cords, everything I needed it to fit, it had one flaw – it squished my boobs.

The few weeks I had it, I tested it out by wearing it around and to and from the office. The bag gave me better posture and was surprisingly light weight considering the number of items I stuffed in it, but that one pesky problem would not go away! The strap and buckle in the front just did not sit right on me. I can’t be the only woman to experience this, but I was not able to find a solution so I decided to return it to Chrome.

So, now I am in need of a new bag before my next 2 conferences. While I have limited time, I really just want a bag that is suitable for both everyday wear and travel. I do not always take my MacBook with me, but I need a bag that will fit a 13 inch laptop and iPad along with all corresponding cords.

I am leaning towards a shoulder bag, but am open to any options. Please help me out and point me in the direction of a new laptop bag!

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