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I’ve previously written about how I recently joined the board of SpokesBUZZ, a nonprofit organization in Fort Collins whose mission includes amplifying music scenes and developing the professionalism of artists.

SpokesBUZZ Incubator Sessions

As part of the professional development series for their artists, they have a monthly incubator session where SpokesBUZZ brings in professionals to speak on topics ranging from trademarks, band agreements, marketing, taxes and more. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking on (three times over 4 years now) and attending many of these sessions (too many to count), and they are chock full of great information for bands.

ASCAP, Lawyers, LLC’s – Oh My!

I recently attended their session on band agreements and LLC’s and was immediately taken back to CU Denver when I was going to school for Music Business and learning all about royalties, LLC’s and trademarks. SpokesBUZZ brought in Jeff Jernigan, who is an Associate Director of Film & TV Music at ASCAP, who laid out so much knowledge, my hands hurt from taking notes! He spoke along with Dave Ratner, and Jess Gries who are both lawyers with plenty of knowledge and experience with bands and music.

SpokesBUZZ Incubator Blog Series

So where are those notes? Luckily for you, I’ve turned my 5 or so pages into multiple blog posts that are being released on SpokesBUZZ’s blog to help other local bands as well!

The first post in the series has been released, but there are plenty more posts to come as the second incubator session in August was all about branding and marketing and I had the pleasure of speaking on the panel with Darlene D’Agostino of AEG Live and Gustavo D’Artheny, aka Input.

As a local band (or fan!) what are topics you’re interested in learning more about? Always happy to give SpokesBUZZ feedback and help answer your questions in the meantime!

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