93.3 KTCL’s Big Gig 2014 Local’s Only Lineup

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The local bands playing Big Gig 2014 are: Post Paradise, Chemistry Club, Glowing House, Pandas and People and Rumours Follow! Click their names to follow them on Twitter.

Also, the new hashtag is #BigGig14 – be sure you’re using the right one!

Update 6/12!! KTCL just released the Local’s Only Survey! Go vote now!

My first concert ever was INXS when I was 3 years old. My awesome parents took me to a rock show, that I really wish I remembered.

My second concert was Indigo Girls at Red Rocks (again, with my parents) and yes, I do remember this show. Mainly because I decided to take a nap under the seats while the Indigo Girls played.

My third show was 93.3′s Big Adventure, a festival put on by our local rock station, KTCL. This show was incredible! I saw so many amazing and inspiring bands and I loved the festival atmosphere. I even remember seeing people getting real tattoos just outside of Fiddler’s Green. Big Adventure has changed a bit throughout the years, rebranding as Big Gig and moving to Red Rocks for a little bit, but it is coming back to Fiddler’s Green this year better and more rockin’ than ever! This show obviously holds a special place in my heart, so I was so excited that they were bringing it back to Fiddler’s Green, and the Big Gig 2014 lineup this year looks awesome:

  • Panic! At The Disco
  • Walk The Moon
  • Twenty One Pilots
  • MSMR
  • American Authors
  • Brick+Mortar
  • Bad Suns
  • Magic Man

And don’t forget the Local’s Only Stage!

I also love that KTCL has integrated a Local’s Only stage to showcase all of the amazing, local talent we have here in Colorado. I’m so happy to have seen so many great local bands play at this festival over the years.

Tonight Alf, who runs the Local’s Only show in 93.3 every Sunday night, announced the Top 18 bands who are competing for spots to play at Big Gig this year on the Local’s Only stag. I love these announcements and this year is no different as the lineup is so good that I don’t even know who will make it!

Here’s the top 18 for KTCL’s Big Gig 2014:

  • Almost Maine
  • Chemistry Club
  • Vices I Admire
  • Post Paradise
  • Glowing House
  • Pandas and People
  • Rumours Follow
  • The Echo Chamber
  • Reno Divorce
  • Eldren
  • Feralux
  • Instant Empire
  • Quitters Anonymous
  • Sound Studies
  • Tattooed Strings
  • Leash Of Foxes
  • Rob Drabkin
  • The Photo Atlas

See what I mean? That’s one hell of a list! Follow them all on Twitter via this list I made:

So, what’s next?

YOU need to vote!! Sign up here now to vote for your favorites!

Tweet who you think will be playing Big Gig this year by using the hashtag #BigGig2014.

Better yet, tell me in the comments below!

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