DIY – Ugly Sweater Skirt for an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

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This weekend we were invited to an Ugly Sweater Christmas party. It’s been years since I attended one, and neither Jon or I had anything to wear. I went to Target, Kmart and Walmart hoping to stumble upon a great sweater to wear, but had no such luck. Of course I found some online, but it was too late to order. Finally I saw a great idea online: a sweater skirt! While I may be crafty, I am certainly not one that can use a sewing machine, which made this particular DIY skirt that much better. A Tree Skirt! Worn as an actual skirt! Brilliant!

So my search continued to find a tree skirt that would be perfect for the party. My mom and I went to Kmart and found a perfect blue one with snowmen, snowflakes and presents all over. To pair with the skirt I wore white, sweater tights and some bright red heels I just happened to already have in my closet. Here’s the full outfit, what do you think?

DIY Ugly Sweater Skirt - a Tree Skirt!

DIY Ugly Sweater Skirt

I loved how the top of the skirt was shaped and hugged my waist. The only small alteration that my mom had to do was move the tie on the skirt up a little bit so it fit around my waist. Otherwise, it was perfect out of the box! If I were to wear it again, I’d be sure to safety pin down the flap in the back because I was worried all night that my ass was showing (luckily that never happened).

Here’s a pic of Jon and I at the party.

DIY Ugly Sweater Skirt - Mon and Jon at party

Can you tell that he is wearing a girl’s sweater? :p

While I wasn’t wearing the ugliest sweater at the party, I was definitely wearing the most creative Christmas sweater!

What do you think of my take on an Ugly Sweater?

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