Flavor Tripping and the Miracle Fruit

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I honestly had no idea what to expect when my friend Anna invited me to a party at her house where the theme was to take a pill that was created from some miracle fruit.

The miracle fruit somehow reacted with your taste buds and altered how you tasted salty and sour foods. Anna had a bought a smorgasbord of foods ranging from IPA’s, whiskey, tomatoes, lemons, war heads, cheeses, olives and more. When you take the pill you are supposed to let it dissolve on your tongue and come into contact with as many taste buds as possible, which made for some funny faces and quotes: “just finger your mouth.”

After letting the pills dissolve, and then waiting at least 10 minutes, we all dove into the food. The real test to see if the pills had taken effect was to bite into a lemon. It was hilarious looking around the table as people were eating various foods. We all seemed to be looking for validation that the pills had actually taken effect.  After biting into a lemon, it was clear that they were working. The lemons tasted as though they had been covered in sugar! It was the most amazing sensation. It was hard to believe that the miracle pills could do that!

Some foods definitely tasted better than others (like the lemons) but tomatoes were surprisingly good as well. They seemed to have a sweet, almost creamy center. Celery did not fare so well as it just tasted like dirt. We started combining foods to get the most out of our taste buds. The winner of the combinations was a cream cheese covered lemon. It was sweet and delicious and tasted like a dessert that had been purchased from a very expensive restaurant.  Another combination that I was a fan of was a sip of bourbon, followed by a swig from an IPA. Pistachios plus Guinness also fared well as it tasted almost like chocolate ice cream.

After the taste tripping was over, we agreed that we were definitely going to have another flavor tripping party. I do not know what makes these pills work (and as my mom pointed out, I have no idea if they are harmful at all), but I would definitely recommend trying this out sometime with some good friends, salty foods and sour beers.

Don’t forget to buy lots of lemons and cream cheese!

  • Sarah E. Welch
    February 24, 2011

    I love these things! They are crazy. I prefer limes over lemons, but I’m a lime girl :) I’ll have to try the cream cheese thing.

    Also, I’m pretty sure they are safe. They are sometimes used to help cancer patients with their appetites.

  • Stepan
    February 24, 2011

    Taste tripping is the best name for it ever

  • Tim
    February 28, 2011

    I know what I’m doing this weekend haha

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