Denver ROCKS!

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Literally, according to the latest list released from Pollstar of the Top 100 Clubs Venues. (Isn’t the name a little redundant?).

The Ogden was listed #6 in sales for 2011 so far! Number 6…out of 100…out of the WHOLE U.S.! Yes, they say that some ampitheatres were not counted, which I prefer, because who wants to look at a list that shows Pepsi, Sports Authority and other nondescript brand names in the form of field, center etc.

Ogden Theater

Also on the list from Colorado are the Boulder Theatre, Fox Theatre, Fillmore, Bluebird and Summit Music Hall. Woot! Go Colorado!

Sounds awesome right?

Then I started to think about it. What does this really mean? What does Pollstar mean when they say ‘sales’? Is it the dollar amount? Is that number of sold out shows? Is that number of tickets sold? There are so many options!

In the Westword article, they do clarify that ‘sales’ refers to the number of tickets sold (the Ogden is at 112,643). But then that got me thinking, what counts as a ticket sold? Does a free show get counted? Are those considered ‘sold’ despite no money exchanging hands? And I know that local bands are given X presale tickets per show that they are supposed to go out and sell, but does the venue count all X as ‘sold’ or only the ones they see come back through the door?

And finally, what about local events like Ignite? The Boulder version is usually held at the Boulder Theatre, and we are required to buy tickets beforehand. Are these tickets counted by Pollstar as well? Yes, Ignite is a show, but what about when they have movies? Or other private events?

I know, I know, I am 1) likely thinking too hard about this and 2) should just be proud that so many of our venues made this list.

Don’t get me wrong, I am VERY proud that we had such a large showing of music venues in the Top 100! You should all be well aware of my love of music, local and national, and above all, live concerts. I just wish it was easier to find out what criteria goes into all these Top 10, 50, 100 lists.

  • Julia
    November 8, 2011

    Yep, Denver does rock! Have you been to see Bop Skizum yet? If not, you must check them out if you like funk at all. Thumpin’ is another up and coming terrific local band. Great post!

  • Monika
    November 9, 2011

    That is so funny that you mention Bop Skizzum! I am pretty good friends with Andy (guitarist) and I go and see them perform whenever I can! Sounds like you have a great taste in music, so definitely let me know if there are other bands I should check out! :)

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