Foursquare’s Time Machine

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I saw a tweet linking to and my first thought was "Did they buy Timehop?" Of course I clicked, and while they didn't buy Timehop, this site is pretty cool! It plays a video of your check-ins throughout your time on Foursquare. I didn't watch the entire thing because after about a minute I was still looking at check-ins from 2010, and knew there were MANY more to come. The animation is a lot of fun and I especially like the neon colors with the black background. I wish there was a way to turn off the music, but that's my only complaint. (more…)

Happy Foursquare Day!

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I've been a fan and user of Foursquare since they started at SXSW many years ago (ok, 4 years ago). They've deemed today to be 4sqDay day (4/16...get it?). This year they've introduced a fun little visualization of your past years checkins. Just go to and log in to see what you've been up to since the last Foursquare day. (more…)

Day 1 in Dublin, Ireland for Christmas

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After traveling all day on Christmas, we arrived in Dublin at 8 am (local time). Jonathon and I rented an apartment during our stay that is located on Cow’s Lane just behind the Arlington Hotel in Temple Bar, Dublin Ireland. Unfortunately we landed on Saint Stephen’s Day, which meant that most places in the city were closed. Luckily jet lag helped us sleep during the day until pubs opened for the day, allowing us to have our first of many Guinnesses during our trip.

How to Create a Pinterest Map Board

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Pinterest just released a cool new feature and collaboration with Foursquare: Mapped Boards. They are pitching it as a great way to plan or pin pictures from a trip you took, but I immediately thought of music. The first board I created? Concert venues in Colorado. Here's how you go about creating a mapped board: When I logged in last night I was prompted to create one with this banner: (more…)

My (tentative) plan for FoCoMX

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With over 250 bands, djs and artists and only 2 days, planning out my schedule for the 3rd annual FoCoMX was a bit difficult! This year FoCoMX teamed up with to create the website and schedule. They make it really easy to plan your weekend! All you have to do is create a login and select the bands you want to see. You can even link to your Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare accounts to track where your friends are going to be. You can see my schedule here: or below is a screen shot of my tentative plan, but please suggest any bands you think I ...