FoCoMX 6 – April 25th and 26th, 2014

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Friday, April 25th marks the beginning of FoCoMX 6. I can't believe it has been 6 years already! I've been attending (and writing) about this festival since the beginning. I love the music scene in Colorado (besides Boulder of course) and FoCoMX is one of my favorite festivals as it is held in my hometown of Fort Collins. It helps that my brother's bands have always played, giving me further incentive to attend. Here's my schedule, although I'm sure this will change based on venue capacity and recommendations: (more…)

FoCoMX 2013 – 5th Year!

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This weekend marks the 5th annual Fort Collins Music Experiment. I've had the pleasure of attending them all and can't wait to get back up to Fort Collins this weekend! I've put my tentative schedule below. You'll notice that Friday is a bit sparse, this isn't because there aren't some great bands playing, but this is because I most likely won't be there. #sadface I will be at a wedding, so I've quickly compiled a list of bands that you shouldn't miss: (more…)

FoCoMX 2012 – Indiebitch Style

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Festival season is upon us, and we can't wait! The first we are attending this year is FoCoMX, which takes place in Fort Collins on Friday, April 13 and Saturday, April 14. Tickets are only $20 and that gives you access to 300+ bands playing at 30+ venues taking place over 2 days. Tickets are still available, so don't wait! It is becoming more and more apparent that Kaila and myself have differing tastes in music, so we have each crafted our own schedules for the weekend. Kaila's: Monika's: Any bands that we are missing that we *must* see? Let us know, or find us at FoCoMX and say hello! ...

FoCoMX 2012 – Monika’s Schedule

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I've been both attending and volunteering for FoCoMX for the past 3 years Here are just a few videos from FoCoMX that I have taken over the past few years. I know I have many more, but sometimes I get overwhelmed with the number of photos and videos I take, so I will try to add more over the coming days. There are so many bands participating this year, it has been really hard for me to come up with a schedule. Below is round one of my tentative schedule for the weekend. I know it is lofty as many of the bands play at the same time, ...

All Liver No Onions – FoCoMX

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While waiting for the green room to open at FoCoMX on Saturday, I met my friend Rande at Hodi's Half Note. Playing was All Liver No Onions, who were fantastic! The lead singer, Mia, was adorable, and wrote this song all by herself! The story of how they got their name is also pretty cute: "One day in the depths of the sea, a dolphin named Salli tried to eat an onion, she didn't enjoy it much, and cried a bit. This ordeal made her so sad she decided to move to the land. She ended up in Colorado and met a boy named Oliver, They fell ...

My (tentative) plan for FoCoMX

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With over 250 bands, djs and artists and only 2 days, planning out my schedule for the 3rd annual FoCoMX was a bit difficult! This year FoCoMX teamed up with to create the website and schedule. They make it really easy to plan your weekend! All you have to do is create a login and select the bands you want to see. You can even link to your Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare accounts to track where your friends are going to be. You can see my schedule here: or below is a screen shot of my tentative plan, but please suggest any bands you think I ...

Colorado Musicians: Apply Now for These Great Opportunities!

Everyone has the resolution of “New Year, New Me” right? I’ve even seen a few bands say the same thing, so figured I’d write a post about the opportunities that have popped up in the last 5 days. Be warned, that the deadlines for these are fast approaching and there are NO EXCEPTIONS – so apply early and pay attention!

SpokesBUZZ’s 2015 SXSW Colorado Music Party – Deadline to Apply: February 1st
7th Annual FoCoMX 2015 Application – Deadline to Apply: January 11th
SpokesBUZZ Class of 2016 Applications – Deadline to Apply: February 4th

Find out how to apply and more details in the rest of this blog post!

The Underground Music Showcase (UMS) 2014 with SpokesBUZZ and FanPlan!

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The Underground Music Showcase (also known as UMS or #UMS2014 on Twitter and Instagram) is almost upon us! I really love festival season here in Colorado that is kicked off by FoCoMX in April and continues with Denver Day of Rock, Westword Music Showcase, Big Gig, UMS, Riot Fest and I'm sure some others that I'm forgetting. UMS is no exception! Starting on Thursday, July 24th, UMS kicks off at 8pm and continues through Sunday, July 27th at midnight. There are over 400 local and national bands playing over 4 days down on Broadway in Denver at more than 20 venues. That's right 400 bands! Single day passes ...

Twitter Hashtag Search – No Hashtag Necessary!

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The other night I was flipping through channels on TV and stumbled on the MTV Movie Awards. I'm not a big movie person, and even less of an award show watcher (we all know how I feel about the Grammys), and yet I stopped to watch a few minutes. After I tweeted about my thoughts on how it was going: I decided to see what others thought of the event. I clicked on the trending topic and the first thing I noticed? Twitter was aggregating tweets that were talking about the event, but weren't using the hashtag. Three of the seven tweets below do not contain the hashtag ...